Friday during Food Stamp Challenge

By: Jan Pool 11/23/13 (View her entire Youtube Channel)

SNAP Challenge, Day Four #JFSnapChallenge

By: Kris Adair 11/22/13 (Copied from Kris’s blog: In the Kitchen with Audrey) As we go into day four I have to admit the food has not been the challenging part of this challenge. I have missed most… Read More

Friday during Food Stamp Challenge

By: Jan Pool 11/22/13 (View her entire Youtube Channel)

For me, the “Food Stamp Challenge” is over

By: Karrey Britt, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department 11/22/13 (Copied from the Health Department’s Website) For me, the “Food Stamp Challenge,” is over but its impact will be long lasting. After living on $4 worth of food for four… Read More

5th day of the Food Stamp Challenge…

By: Jan Pool 11/21/13 (View her entire Youtube Channel)

Food Stamp Challenge, Day 2

By: Jeremy Farmer 11/21/13 (Copied from Jeremy’s Blog: Hunger Games) I started the morning yesterday with a banana. I didn’t eat lunch. Those of you who know me also know that I try to schedule meetings around the… Read More

Day 4’s Lessons

By: Boog Highberger 11/21/13 DAY 4 Breakfast: Granola (with less yogurt than last time): $0.54 Lunch: The last of the tuna salad on one slice of bread, more split peas & rice,1 measly oz. of corn chips, $1.92… Read More

SNAP Challenge, Day Three #JFSnapChallenge

By: Kris Adair 11/21/13 (Copied from Kris’s blog: In the Kitchen with Audrey) If you are paying close attention you noticed there was no post yesterday. We cheated. My husband’s grandmother was moved to hospice care to live… Read More

Food Stamp Challenge, PreGame Thoughts

By: Jeremy Farmer 11/20/13 (Copied from Jeremy’s Blog: Hunger Games) (I started the challenge yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to blog my thoughts before I had my first meal…so that’s what this is. I’ll update with dinner… Read More

Food Stamp Challenge! Day 1.5

By: Kendra Davis 11/20/13  Technically, my challenge started with Monday’s dinner. I considered starting Monday morning, but felt like I needed a shopping trip to really get my mind focused on the task at hand. After shopping at… Read More