Give Money

Why give money?

Just Food, through a partnership with wholesale grocers as well as local grocers, can leverage a dollar to purchase at least double the amount of food that can be bought off the shelf (even at sale price!). Join the fight against hunger!  Every dollar you donate helps distribute vital, nutritious food for hungry people in Douglas County. Make your tax-deductible donation now.

You can donate money in four ways:

Click on the above link to donate online.

2. By mail.
Make a check out to Just Food and mail it to the following address:

Just Food
1000 E. 11th Street
Lawrence, KS  66046

If you would like to designate your contribution for a specific program, please indicate that program in the memo portion of your check

3. By phone.
Call Just Food at (785) 856-7030 x7011 make a financial contribution.

3. Give the gift of stock:  Click here for more information