About Us

Just Food is the food bank in Douglas County, supplying more than 40 partner agencies with frozen meat and fresh produce as well as bread and food donated from community drives.  Just Food also specializes in direct client service through programs like Just Grow, Just Cook and Cooking Healthy Futures.  Just Food and its partners play a key role in fighting hunger in our community by increasing the availability of a variety of foods and helping to reduce waste and discarded food.

To learn more about how the dream of connecting available food with those who need it most becomes reality check out the below graph:


Our Mission

  1. Provide access to nutritious food, a basic human right.
  2. Reduce hunger and promote self-sufficiency.
  3. Respect the dignity of every human being.
  4. Collaborate with community partners to effect change.
  5. Be good stewards of our resources.
VISION: Freedom from hunger for all residents of Douglas County.
MISSION: To improve health and well-being by providing access to nutritious food and collaborating with community partners on programs that empower self-sufficiency.