How Just Food Works

Just Food secures food through community donations by individuals, local retail stores, civic groups, businesses and other organizations. It also purchases food at reduced costs through local retail businesses.  This food is brought into the warehouse, sorted, stored and distributed to partner agencies and Douglas County residents. The benefits of Just Food’s system are that it

-Dramatically increases the ability to receive, store, and distribute foods that need to be kept frozen or refrigerated. This is often the most nutritious food available, and it is often only available seasonally.

-Reduces the feast and famine cycles of small, local pantries by more equitably storing and distributing food from a larger food bank supply.

-Increases storage capacity so that large amounts of food can be received and stored, which both lowers the cost of the food that is purchased and allows donation of larger amounts of food.

-Consolidates the effort to secure donations (cash and in-kind) within Douglas County.