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Hunger is not confined to the nation’s largest cities. For many people living and working in our community, the struggle to provide nutritious meals is a harsh reality. In Douglas County, thousands of working adults, children and seniors live with hunger and food insecurity.

The term “food insecurity” refers to both the availability of a population’s food and its accessibility. Food insecure individuals do not know when they will have their next meal. Many in low or fixed income situations fight food insecurity and are often forced to choose between purchasing food or paying rent or utilities. An ever-increasing cost of living coupled with sluggish economic growth has forced increasing numbers of the middle class to access emergency food assistance.

Just Food and its partner agencies have helped manage a dramatic increase in demand for food and services. This year alone, Just Food expects to distribute over one million pounds of food to nearly 100,000 people in Douglas County. At Just Food, we understand the prevalence of hunger and hope to provide access to nutritious meals to help address our community’s needs.  Click here to visit our Resource Center for current hunger and poverty statistics and legislation.