I am Just Food


“It supplements my income. It makes it easier for me to eat. I’m a medically retired vet with diabetes and stomach problems. I have to eat or I get sick, so this helps me eat.”

I am Just Food


  “As a mom, Just Food means when I’m struggling to feed my family I have a place to go. Everyone here is helpful and friendly.”

I am Just Food


“This is my first time here. And it is awesome.”

I am Just Food


  “It’s hard sometimes having a 4 year old at home. Just Food is a life saver from time to time. I haven’t been here in about a year and a half, but I know it’s here when… Read More

I am Just Food


“The cooking classes are great. They are an exchange of information between the instructor and the other students. They teach you how to cook but also to really stretch the food dollars. You use the same ingredients to… Read More

I am Just Food

Client Stories

“I’m on disability and only make $1,000 a month and I can’t afford groceries. Without Just Food, I would be able to eat. And I have heart problems, so this helps me eat healthier.”

Meet Kris

We love hearing our client stories. The power that comes with people being able to make smarter choices for themselves and their families is palpable.  Now it’s time to check in with some of the students of our… Read More