I am Just Food


“I volunteer with Just Food because I enjoy helping people, it’s rewarding. It’s what I did in my early life as an occupational therapist. I’ve volunteered here for 7 years because of the people, both the volunteers and the clients. I’ve known some clients for years. When clients come back in it’s like seeing an old friend. They don’t come in very often, but it’s nice to know this place is here when they need it.

I volunteer here because it’s needed. And it’s sad but the clientele just keeps growing. Sometimes they have to chose between feeding kids and buying medicine. I had one client who both her and her husband were going through some major medical issues. They couldn’t afford their medicine and food.

I know they appreciate what we do. And we appreciate everyone in Douglas County who helps make this happen.”

If you want to volunteer, contact Elizabeth Stephens at estephens@justfoodks.org

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