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Our dedicated staff and hard-working volunteers work tirelessly to bring food to the over 11,000 individuals in Douglas County who cannot afford it. Show your support.

Reason #1 as to why Just Food rocks…

Reason 1a

We have amazing volunteers!

Alicia has been volunteering here for two and a half years. Since joining Just Food, she has recruited her mom, nephew, niece, and son to get involved.

To Alicia, volunteering at Just Food means she gets to help people every day that need food and can’t afford it.\

Reason #2…


We teach people how to start a garden and grown their own food. Starting a garden saves families money and provides access to healthy food.

Reason #3…Reason3

We have pantries in schools to make sure children take home healthy food to enjoy with their families.

Reason #4…





We teach people how to make healthy meals for under $2 a serving!

Velva and her husband Danny come to every class. They have learned different cooking techniques and get to eat the meals they prepare.

Reason #5…





We teach kids how to cook healthy futures while partnering with the Boys and Girls Club.

Reason #6…

Reason6Stories like his:

“If it weren’t for Just Food we’d have a tough time. We get $16 in food stamps. After rent and utilities everything is gone. We never thought we would be in this position, but this place makes a difference on whether we eat or not.”

Read more of his story here.

Reason #7…


We feed 3,000 to 5,000 people a month. In 2015, we fed 11,577 people.

Reason #8…

Reason8We provide healthy food, fresh from the farm and local grocery stores.

Reason #9…

Reason 9We rescue around 600,000 pounds of food a month that would otherwise go to waste.

Reason #10…


“Just Food is a life saver from time to time. I haven’t been here in about a year and a half, but I know it’s here when I need it.”

We help many clients like him, families facing emergencies. One-third of our clients come 3 or less times a year.

Reason #11…


We provide for people of ages and life stages. 43% of all of our clients are under the age of 18 and the elderly.

Reason #12…Reason 12

We provided Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to 900 families in need.

Reason #13…Reason 13

On a daily basis, our clients can receive fresh produce, dairy products, and bread!

Reason #14…

Reason 14

We partner with health organizations to promote whole body wellness.

Reason #15…

Reason 15

We partner with the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center street outreach team to make sure homeless individuals have an on the go meal to eat. Only a few hours left to vote, show us your support!

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