Silent Night, Hungry Night

Dear Just Food Supporter,

Nearly 200 years ago, a carol of simple peace and beauty was born, in a quite village in Austria. 130 years later, after the country had been ravished by war and droughts, the people of Austria were suffering and without food. I was recently inspired by story of a woman from New Jersey in 1948 who started a movement with the carol of Silent Night that made a huge impact on the worn torn countries at the time. She encouraged those in her community to donate a meal to those in need every time they heard Silent Night on the radio. This movement captured hearts around the world.

When you hear Silent Night, you may think of little ones holding candles and signing in church. You may think of a joyous family gathered around a piano. Now when I hear this song, I think of giving and the gift of food. There are a lot of ways we can give this season but I love knowing the immediate impact my donations to Just Food have for providing families with a holiday meal that they wouldn’t have otherwise.  A $15 dollar donation does just that. Imagine the impact on our community if each one of us who hears Silent Night this season, makes that donation.That’s less than I’ll spend on a silly tchotchke for someone at the office white elephant party or a small stocking stuffer.  Luckily, Santa like’s to give Just Food donations in my kids names too so their stockings will be filled with just the right amount of getting and giving.

My 5 year old son asked me this week about our traditions. If you’re like us your holiday traditions are largely centered around food.  For us it’s baking day at my Moms and a chili supper with extended family. I was proud to tell him that now our Holiday traditions also include donating to Just Food so that more families can find peace and beauty in this season without worrying about how to put food on the table.  I hope you’ll join me in this tradition as we fight hunger and make the season brighter for the Douglas County community.


Jocelyn Gunter
Vice- President
Just Food Board of Directors

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